Health & Medics

70% of men are less likely to seek medical attention compared to women. Only 60% go to the doctor for an annual medical checkup.

At the Men’s Wellness Circle, health is wealth. Our Health Professionals are only a call away!

Nutrition & Dietetics

Are you struggling with finding the right food combinations to live a healthier life?

Healthy eating is not meant for women alone.

Did you know eating walnuts can help prevent prostate cancer?

Men’s Wellness Circle is equipped with Nutritionists and Dieticians who will provide health tips, customize healthy diets and meal plans just for you.

Stress Management

Africa generally has a very low life expectancy, 61 years for men and 65 years for women.

At Men’s Wellness Circle, our goal is to build a community of healthy men with a high life expectancy rate and help men strike a balance with family/relationships, career, and life as a whole.

Our Stress Management service includes a Spa treatment, Weekend getaway, and other tested ways to ease stress and tension.

Mental Health

A fact that we find very interesting is that men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women and don’t seek mental health help because they think they can handle the problem themselves.

Men’s Wellness Circle is creating a strong community that advocates for men’s mental health. Our experienced consultants are on ground 24/7 to talk to you.

Fitness & Weight Loss

Looking good is a wellness booster. At Men’s Wellness Circle, our fitness instructors and weight loss experts are fully available to help men feel good and look good.


Surprisingly – well, maybe not too surprisingly – men tend to have a much more negative view of counselling than women. Perhaps this is caused by the unattainably high standards that society has forcefully set for men with regards to being strong. As a man – even right from when one is still a boy – everyone just expects you to have a very high threshold for pain.

Imagine a man who had just been stung by a scorpion, and he let out his natural emotions in response to the pain. Then the unthinkable happens: someone begins to rebuke him for crying, just because he is a man. Let me tell you an even more personal experience. Sometime ago, I was walking through an orchard when a bee suddenly flew out of nowhere and stung me. The things I was carrying immediately fell from my hands as I struggled to get a grasp of myself. I didn’t mind that no one immediately ran to my aid. However, I began to fume with rage when an on-looker began to rain blames on me for allowing the things I was carrying to fall. Annoyingly, the person’s only argument for profiling me as weak, and hence, raining all those blames on me was because I happened to be a man. As you would imagine, the person said she would’ve understood and would’ve been compassionate if I were a woman. As much as I held my peace and just let go, I must admit that it took a whole lot of effort for me to remain calm under the circumstance.

That very experience served as a big eye opener to me. It was not until then that I got to realize why very few men like to talk about their issues with their partners, friends, and even doctors. The assumption that men are – or that they ought to be – strong, is perhaps the major reason why many men tend to shy away from counselling. On its own, the shame of acknowledging that you need to see a counsellor stiffens the heart of many men – even when they’re aware that counselling is exactly what they need.

At Men’s Wellness Circle, we provide a haven for men to have those conversations with our well-seasoned counsellors who are equipped with several years of experience in men’s issues. We offer a more practical approach and counselling style that’s tailored to suit the preference and uniqueness of each man. The following options are available depending on the preference of each man:

Telephone Counselling: dial in to speak with a counsellor on issues bothering you. This is a viable option for men who are busy executives, or are keen on maintaining their anonymity.

Online Counselling: for men who are busy or unable to physically visit a counsellor for some other reasons, the online counselling is also a viable option. Perhaps you’re a traveller and seldom stay in one location, the online counselling could come in handy.

Face-to-Face Counselling: it can easily be assumed that this is the most efficient form of counselling – at least, it’s what the bulk of us are used to. For men who are not bothered about their ego as regards being seen visiting a counsellor, face-to-face counselling comes as a perfect fit.

Health & Medics

Statistics has it that as high as 70% of men are less likely to seek medical attention, when compared to women. Apparently, statistics like this barely comes as a surprise. We’re all aware of the fact that every waking day of a man’s life, he is saddled with the responsibility of providing for his family. Perhaps the situation would’ve been a little easier if men had the mandate of providing only for their nuclear family. However, the reverse is the case, as men have to provide for not just themselves and their nuclear family; but for their extended relatives. Furthermore, men are always expected to lend a hand to their friends and acquaintances, when the latter are in need.

In the midst of dealing with the hustle and bustle of trying to provide for the numerous souls who wait on them to live; while still struggling to carve out time to bond their loved ones, many men unknowingly sacrifice their own health somewhere along the line. As much as it’s easy to advise men to visit clinics and run health checks occasionally; going in for these checks is just not as easy as it appears for the bulk of men. With the tonnes of distractions we have to deal with on a daily basis, stepping in to see a medical practitioner even after booking an appointment is just not feasible sometimes.

Then, is it not surprising that the gender that generally goes through the most stress is the one who barely has time to run checks and cater for his own health? At Men’s Wellness Circle, we totally understand these scenarios, and the challenges that revolve around them. Hence, our ability to work a way around these obstacles, while pushing towards our ultimate objective – the total wellness of every man.

For men who are very busy and are unable to make time to take care of their own health, we have devised a plan to make sure that we have them covered. We have made arrangements with medical practitioners who are willing to avail themselves at the offices or homes or the preferred locations of our clients. Hence, these professionals carry their test equipment all the way to our clients’ physical locations. Beyond going over to run tests, our health and medical practitioners are willing and able to administer medications and treatment to our clients wherever they (clients) prefer to be attended to.

At the Men’s Wellness Circle, health is wealth. And regardless of where you are, our health professionals are only a call away!

Nutrition & Dietetics

Considering the circumstances that surround our jobs, many men have a hard time getting to eat good food while they're at work. Let’s not even talk about the fact that with some men, things are quite clumsy at home. For these categories of men, the chances of getting to eat good food even at home is quite slim. Meanwhile, it behooves us to understand that good food and a balanced diet are not always the same. In any case, some men are completely clueless – or better put, ignorant – about the precise combination of foods that can help them to live a healthier life. To this effect, it sometimes appears as though eating healthy is a feat that is meant for – or only achievable by – women alone.

Be it as it may, any professional would admit the fact that the very first step to living a good life is by eating a balanced diet. Well, it is true that medications may be essential for individuals who are battling with some form of ailment. However, being deliberate about their diet is the primary factor that influences how well and how soon people with ailments recover from them. For instance, one very worrisome ailment that poses a threat to the bulk of grown men is prostate cancer. Meanwhile, not very many men are equipped with information about the fact that eating walnuts can help to prevent prostate cancer.

If as a man, you require a nutritionist or a dietician who will provide health tips for you; or perhaps you need a professional to guide you on how to go about attaining a healthy life through your diet, then you’re on the right track. At Men’s Wellness Circle, our esteemed professionals are always on ground to customize healthy diets and meal plans that are tailored to suit your peculiarities.

Stress Management

In Nigeria today, stress is one of the most acute killers of grown up men. As much as stress poses a threat to the lives of middle-aged men who are active (especially men in their forties, fifties and sixties), it is rather sad that no one seems to be paying attention to this silent but deadly menace. In the continent of Africa, the life expectancy for men is quite low – especially when compared with what is attainable anywhere in the western world. In Nigeria, the life expectancy for men is just above 54 years, having increased in the last few years. Surprisingly, the life expectancy for women has always been some digits higher than that of men. Never has there been a time when men had a higher life expectancy than women in Nigeria.

On its own, these statistics point to the fact that the lives of men have more threats than those of women. Be it as it may, Men’s Wellness has come to mitigate the effect of these life-threatening issues that men battle with day in day out. At Men’s Wellness Circle, our goal is to build a community of healthy men with a high rate of life expectancy. Furthermore, we aim to help men strike a balance with family/relationships, career, and life as a whole.

We have created a wide range of activities that can help men to foster a seamless flow of shuttling between their everyday hustle and relaxation. Not very long ago, we – at the suggestion of our professionals – made arrangements for some of our clients to go on an anonymous vacation. Travel plans, hotel bookings and all other arrangements were made for some men whose realities suggested that they needed such treatment. In a bid to replace stress with anxiety and optimism, these men were made to remain oblivious of the precise destination they were heading to.

By the time they arrived at the destination, our professionals could easily perceive that these men had all begun to experience a shift from the initial state of mind they were in prior to the travel. According to our professionals, the grin and sigh of relief on the face of these men upon arrival was enough proof that they had made the perfect move. This was further grounded by the feedback that was gotten from the spouses and close relatives of these men long after they had returned.

Beyond going on an anonymous vacation, our stress management services include other activities like Spa treatment, weekend getaway, and other tested ways to ease stress and tension.

Mental Health

Due to the kind of pressure and extremely high expectations that the society has placed on men, many of us find ourselves struggling to keep up with the status quo. Unknowing to them, these standards that society set for men tend to subconsciously cause a trauma. To make things worse, men have over the years cultivated the habit of learned helplessness, and would barely ever admit that they need help. Be it as it may, the very first step to solving a problem is to admit that one exists in the first place. It is only after admitting that there is a problem that one then begins to consider seeking help.

With the situation of things in modern times, it appears as though going from one problem to another is man’s natural call. Hence, it comes with little surprise that many men do not necessarily see the need to seek help.

Unknown to them, being in a constant state of pressure tends to have an effect on the reasoning and thinking capacity of men. Being under constant pressure deprives men of their peace of mind and subconsciously puts us in a state of restlessness. Meanwhile, the moment a man is unable to settle his mind, his judgement immediately becomes clouded, and he immediately loses the capacity to make astute decisions.

Once a man loses the capacity to make smart intelligent decisions, he gradually begins to lose his grasp of things at home and at work. As petty as it may seem; if a man loses his sense of mental wellness, he immediately begins to go on a downward spiral journey to his doom. Sadly, the cues to diagnosing these problems are not always very easily noticeable. Hence, many people tend not to see these traits. In Africa here, others even misinterpret these signs and blame the faults on spirituality or some supposed extra-terrestrial force.

At Men’s Wellness Circle, our professionals are vast in identifying and dealing with those key pain points that pose a threat to the mental health of men. Men’s Wellness Circle is creating a strong community that advocates for men’s mental health. Our experienced consultants are on ground 24/7 to talk to you.

Fitness & Weight Loss

Because of lifestyle and personality traits, many men tend to not have access to having balanced meals during the course of their day. And beyond consuming junk food and other forms of unbalanced meals, the bulk of men just find themselves too busy to exercise their body. Apparently, being obese or not looking so good can blow a dent to the self-esteem of a man. And as a matter of fact, the issue of self-esteem is minute when compared with the health challenges that are posed by being obese or overweight.

The problems with being obese are indeed endless. Some of the challenges that come with obesity and lack of fitness include heart attack, stroke and peripheral arterial disease, amongst many others. With the risks of these numerous ailments - especially when the symptoms begin to surface - many men begin to lose their vibe and are unable to attain their maximum potentials. Surprisingly, the issue of high cholesterol in the body does not necessarily have to do with how fat a man is. Time and time again, cases have been recorded about slender looking men who have high cholesterol in their body.

At Men’s Wellness Circle, we have come to realize that men have this ideology of placing everything that matters about themselves aside, while giving their all to shoulder the burden of their loved ones. In no way do we discourage men from being responsible for their families and loved ones. Rather, we help them to understand the importance of making time out for themselves.

Furthermore, our professional trainers seek to understand the peculiarities of their personalities and schedule. Having been armed with knowledge of the needs and preferences of clients, our seasoned fitness trainers then proceed to make informed decisions on the precise set of activities to be carried out by clients.

Little wonder there is that within a short period of subscribing to our platform, men are able to notice ecstatic changes in the structure of their body. Well, it goes beyond doubt that looking good is a wellness booster. At Men’s Wellness Circle, our fitness instructors and weight loss experts are fully available to help men feel good and look good.